How can you tell if you have genital warts?

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Wart MD - Genital Wart Diagnosis

Genital warts can be extremely hard to diagnose many times. Genital warts are small, bumpy, fleshy colored objects that can be so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Often times they are confused with skin tags. If you are worried that you may have genital warts, you have a few options. It is always recommended that you visit a doctor so that they can be properly diagnosed, though due to the type of affliction, many people are embarrassed to go to the doctor because of their genital warts.

If you would rather diagnose the problem yourself, there is an effective way of diagnosing genital warts without going to the doctor. It is an old trick that makes use of some simple items found around the house. To self diagnose genital warts, you will need vinegar and a paper towel or napkin.

Here is how to find out if you have genital warts without having to see a physician:

  1. Pull off a few sheets of paper towel and fold them up so that they can be used as an absorbent pad.
  2. Pour enough vinegar on the paper towel pad to soak it, but not so much that vinegar is dripping everywhere.
  3. Apply the pad to the part of the body that is in question, whether it be penis or vagina
  4. Hold the pad firmly against the body part in question for 10 minutes and remove the pad

Any white spots that appear are determined to be genital warts.

To remove genital warts, you can either go see a physician who will freeze them off for you – otherwise there are safe and natural methods of wart removal that you can do at home without having to see a doctor.

For more information on safe wart removal from home, visit this link.


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